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love_thy_wolfy's Journal

Remus J. Lupin
10 March

Name: Remus John Lupin
Age: 16
Birthdate: March 10th
House/Sign: Gryffindor/Pices

While not the bravest of Gryffindors, the Gryffindor Pisces still exhibits a quiet courage. They aren't afraid to face painful truths, if there really is no way of escaping them. These Gryffindors are deeply compassionate, and full of emotional strength, often becoming the unofficial counselors in the common room who everybody runs to for advice. They are romantic to an extreme; their minds are stuffed full of fairy tales, myths, and legends. They often spend more time daydreaming than doing their homework, to the vexation of their professors. Still, their daydreams do sometimes produce uncanny insights.

Heritage: Half-Blood (Pureblood father, muggle mother)
Year: 6th year Gryffindor
Best Classes: Charms, History of Magic, DADA
Worst Classes: Potions, COMC
Secrets: The biggest and most obvious secret, Remus is a werewolf. However, James, Pete, and Sirius found out in their 2nd year.

Personality:Remus is usually quiet and soft spoken. He almost always has his nose stuck in a book, and prefers to not break rules whenever possible. However, instead of being a strong discouragement to his friends, Remus stands on the sidelines quietly observing when they blatantly ignore rules - even with his prefect obligations to stop disruptive behavior. This does not mean he isn't 'fun' or mischevious like his mates, rather he just prefers to participate in the prank wars when they don't break school rules. He has a strong desire to be like and accepted. Remus tends to be a bit on the shy side, although he will speak with anyone who speaks to him, he's just never truly adjusted to being around so many peers - being alone for the vast majority of his life. Lastly, Remus is a kind and gentle soul, he doesn't want to ever bestow any kind of pain on any one, and always tries to see the best in anyone he encounters. He's rather pleasant, sometimes referred to as the 'sane' or sensible one of the maruaders. His love of reading and books has led Remus to be very studious, well-read, and booksmart. He excells in his classes for the simple fact that he's as studious as he is. His desire/need to be liked and accepted is every bit a weakeness as it would be a strength: stregth in the fact that he will be able to get along with most people, a weakness in the fact that he often lets things slide when he shouldn't. Remus also tends to have a rather large guilt complex, often blaming himself when something is another's fault. He's oblivious to any one who might flirt with him or like him, no matter how obvious they are, so caught up in the fact that a person like him doesn't 'deserve' such relationships or admiration.

Appearance: Remus often looks sickly, tired, or underweight. Gangly and scrawny compared to his friends, Remus is very self concious about his appereances. His hair tends to grow more rapidly around the full moon, often looking unshaven during that time. He does his best to hid any scars he might have. Remus has blue-green eyes, and mousy brown hair - often kept at a medium or short length. Remus quite frequently appears to be almost 'aloof' not wanting to draw attention to himself. No matter how happy he is acting at the time, Remus eyes always betray a hint of sadness

History:Remus' father used to work in the ministry, in the politics realm of the wizarding world. When he was at the ministry he was assigned on the committe of creating a werewolf registry, and even elected the chairperson and spokesperson of said committee. At one point, his father was on track to become a Minister one day, but that drastically changed after that assignment. Fenir Greyback, the 'ringleader' of most werewolves, was determined to have the registry stopped. Being close family friends to the Blacks, members of the Black family threatened the Lupin family (although this part of the memory isn't known to Remus), but John Lupin stood firm. He wasn't going to back down. One of the Black members in the ministry slipped the information to Fenir about where the Lupin's lived. Greyback, figuring his best and only option to get this registry stopped was to target the Lupins' only son, Remus, and make the issue personal. So, at four years old, before Remus even had a chance to enter preschool or any school in general, he was attacked and bitten by Greyback.

Greyback's plan backfired, it only led the fuel to the fire behind John Lupin. He pushed even harder for the registry, in hopes to keep situations like this from happening to other kids. Once the bill was enacted, Remus' name was the very first put into the registry, and the minute John did it, he retired from the ministry and politics all together. His family, feeling the discrimination from other families in the area, packed up and moved to a small, secluded house in the countryside - an area that was technically part of the muggle world, though there were no neighbors within miles of their house. His father became an owner of a small rare book store in muggle London, a job that helped spark Remus' love for reading as his father would bring home a new book to him each week.

His mum was a housewife, and homeschooled Remus. When Remus first recieved an invitation for Hogwarts, his parents sent a response declining the invitation. Dumbledore showed up at the house, pleading with them to allow Remus to attend the school, and after a very long discussion of how they will be able to take care of Remus and keep everyone (including him safe) his parents relented and allowed him to attend.

Sheltered, Remus spent the entire time on the train nervously reading a book, not daring to look up or around at the other kids. He'd never spoken a word to anyone outside his family in his entire life. In fact, the very first child Remus ever spoke to was none other than Sirius Black - sparking what would be a lifelong friendship.

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were — I have not seen
As others saw — I could not bring
My passions from a common spring —
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow — I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone —
And all I lov'd — I lov'd alone —
Then — in my childhood — in the dawn
Of a most stormy life — was drawn
From ev'ry depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still —
From the torrent, or the fountain —
From the red cliff of the mountain —
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
In its autumn tint of gold —
From the lightning in the sky
As it pass'd me flying by —
From the thunder, and the storm —
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view.
Edgar Allen Poe

PB:Hugh Dancy